2 days old

10 days old
from left to right Maximus,Ebony,Jessie,Ace,Oliver,and Cruz

Water dogs at 4 weeks old

Photos taken by Cheryl Johnson

Colras A Simple Twist of Fate
Owned by Cheryl and Mike Johnson

Colras Larger Than Life
Owned by Sheila Thompson and Wayne Brittain

Colras Ace In The Hole PASK
Owned by Colra Danes and Co-owned by Peggy Smith-Kenny

Colras Man On A Mission Goldstar
Owned by Michelle Wright

Colras In Seventh Heaven
Owned by Tina Dapello.

Colras Allthatglitrz Isn't Gold
Owned by Colra Danes

Oliver 4 months

Max and his momma Sheila

Cruz 4 1/2 mos old

Oliver 4 1/2 mos old