Handling Page
By Colette Hayes

"Nolan" AKC/UKC Chavez Angel on my Shoulder of Canyon
Owner Susan Fedorsha/Canyon Pits finished with 3 majors

"Paris" CH Danemars Champagne De France BOB over Top ranked Specials
Owner Judy Martin

"Boo" M & M's Booyah Boy
Owner Catherine Oldenburg

(RWB major 1st time showing her)"Luna"Naples SanRoque Little Miss Dangerous BGL
Owner Natalie Andrews-Ballreich

I put both majors on her "Sydney" RR For Your Eyes Only

"Rose"DMD'S October Wild Wiccae Rose
Owners Sally Puckett and Judy Martin

(14 mos old)"Dolly" Am/UKC/Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras Stacked 2 the T

I put both majors on her "Julie"

"Raven" Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras The Critics Choice
Owners Colra Danes

I owned this bitch(she took back to back 4 pt majors that weekend)then won the next 2 weekends and was finished at 9 mos old

"Nash" AKC/UKC GRCH Chavez Peaceful Easy Feeling of Canyon
Owner Susan Fedorsha/Canyon Pits and Colette. He finished with 3 majors

"Shelly" Am/BIS UKC/BIS Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras Black Bombshell
Owner Colra Danes

"Axel"I put both majors on him
Owner Lisa Hernandez

"Soleil" Naples SanRoque Champagne Super Nova
Owner Natalie Andrews-Ballreich

(5 pt major over 42 bitches) "Victoria" Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras Winner Takes All
Owner Lynn Philips

"Charm" CH Wolkes 14 K Gold Charm
Owner by Peggy Smith

Am/BIS Int'l/Nat'l CH An Ace in the Hole "Ace"
Owner Colra Danes

(BOS over top 20 Specials "Monaco" CH Princess Monaco MiValendor
Owner Kayleeta Robinson

Quailruns Desert Dweller "Parker"
Owner Cheryl Johnson

"The Max" Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras Doin the Circuit
Owners Joe and Connie Barone

"Ashleigh" CH Colra Brier Lera's Dirty Laundry

Owners Karen Lindsay,Bev Dermody and Nancy Bailey

"Oliver" Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras A Simple Twist of Fate
Owners Mike and Cheryl Johnson and Colra Danes

CH Colras In the Ribbons "Bo"
Owners Cristy Thom and Colra Danes

Major win BBE)"Ebony" Int'l/Nat'l CH Colras Allthatglitrz Isnn't Gold
Owned by Joe and Connie Barone and Colra Danes

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