Int'l/Nat'l CH
Colras Allthatglitrz Isn't Gold

Pictured with Chantel O Johnson

DOB 5-29-02

Ebony's Pedigree

Ebony's Health Testing

Ebony OFA hips GD-9248G31F-PI Good
CERF GD-1222 Normal
Cardio GD-CA702/31F/C-PI Normal
Thyroid (Vet) Normal

Ebony with her Champion daughters Ashleigh and Shelly

***Ebony places 3rd in a very large competitive Brood Bitch class***Ebony's daughter fawn Ashleigh finishes her Championship at 13 months old and then her black daughter Shelly finished at 21 months

Ebony is owned by Connie and Joe Barone and Co-Owned with Colra Danes
Ebony is from our first breeding of our foundation bitch Lexi
Ebony is major pointed out of the BBE class.
Ebony was bred once and produced 5 puppies.
Two of her daughters were shown and both finished with ease at under 2 yrs old.

Ebony has a BEAUTIFUL headpeice, a rock solid topline,a very nice
front angels,very dark eyes and an excellent temperament

Ebony left us way too soon. Ebony went in for a routine Spay and never came home.
She bled out due to the negligence of the Vet who had to open her back out after her spay.
She fought for her life for close to a week and then her body just couldn't fight anymore.

Ebony going WB/BOW out of BBE at 16 mos

Ebony placing 2nd in a very large open black class at the 2004 Nationals
Ebony shown with Dick Schaefer

Ebony head shot 5 mos


Show#1 Judge Richard Greathouse
Judgement-Very lovely black bitch,very typey, nice and showy
Overall Impression-Very well balanced, fits Breed typy well
Coat-Correct, nice fitting
Head-Very correct, backskull good, bump on the nose
Eyes-Nice and dark,very expressive
Ears-Set correct, crop correct, carries them fairly well
Chest-Nice deep front
Front Angulation-Very good, proper layback
Back Angulation-Fairly good
Topline-Correct, needs to fill in croup area
Tail-Carried and set correct
Movement-Very good

Show#2 Judge V. Mulligan
Overall Impression-Shows Dane type
Head-Expression,plains moderate
Ears-Cropped and standing
Chest-Reaches elbows
Front Angulation-Moderate
Back Angulation-Good
Tail-Set and carriage moderate

Show#3 Judge R. Rupert
Judgement-Good type, above average
Overall Impression-Nice black female
Coat-Good condition
Head-Nice balance, deep muzzle
Bite-Strong and correct
Eyes-Dark and well set
Ears-Carried erect
Chest-Well let down and sprung
Front Angulation-Balanced a bit steep
Back Angulation-Balanced
Movement-Smooth but would like to see more reach and drive

Show#4 Judge Lt. Haverstock
Judgement-Pleasing outline, well put together, typey, in good condition
Overall Impression-Muscular, showy, attentive and typey
Coat-Correct, good pigment
Head-Muzzle and skull match, deep and strong
Bite-Strong and correct
Eyes-Dark, well shaped and pleasing expression
Ears-Cropped, nicely set a little floppy
Chest-Well let down, good rib spring
Front Angulation-Well angled shoulder, tight feet strong bone
Back Angulation-Muscular, well angled
Topline-Straight and strong slope to croup
Tail-Well set and good length
Movement-Good reach and drive, true coming and going

Ebony at 6 weeks.