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Bullhead City, AZ 86442
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BUYER Name___________________________________________________________________
Email address____________________________________________________________

EFFECTIVE AS OF Month________________Day_________________Year________
The Breeder delivers to the Buyer a Great Dane puppy M____F____ whelped on _________________
AKC Registration #________________________________________________________
Sire AKC #______________________________________________________________
Dam AKC #______________________________________________________________

The selling price of the Great Dane is __________ less a $300.00 deposit.
If the Great Dane is to be shipped Buyer is responsible for all shipping/crate costs.
The Great Dane is being sold as a Show Prospect___________Companion__________

The Buyer agrees to take the Great Dane to a Veterinarian within 72 hours of obtaining possession of the Great Dane.
If the Great Dane is not healthy and free of defects at this visit to the Veterinarian the Buyer may return the Great Dane. The Breeder will refund all monies received at the time of purchase only if all of the AKC paperwork is signed, restoring sole ownership back to the Breeder. The cost of returning the Great Dane back to the Breeder is the sole responsibility of the Buyer.________

The above Great Dane is in good health at the time of purchase and has been examined by a Veterinarian. The Great Dane will come with a letter stating that the puppy is healthy at the time of purchase. The Great Dane has also received all age appropriate vaccines as and health care needed. (This Great Dane’s parents have had healthy testing done and were healthy at the time of the breeding) This Great Dane is a living and breathing animal subject to numerous environmental influences. such as, but not limited to: nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, injuries, and the quality of living environment, all of which can effect the overall health of the Great Dane. Therefore the Buyer understands that the Breeder can offer NO health guarantees on the above Great Dane.______

(Show Prospects only)
Buyer agrees to X-ray the Great Dane by (26) months of age and submit them to the OFA. The Buyer is responsible for all Veterinary and OFA costs. If the Great Dane rates less than “fair”. Breeder can and may request the Buyer to also do a Penn Hip evaluation. If the Great Dane rates less than Fair from OFA and a is lower than 70 % from Penn Hip. Breeder will pay $100 towards the neuter/spay of the Great Dane. The Great Dane MUST be neutered/spayed within 90 days of the OFA hip and Penn Hip evaluations. Buyer must provide Breeder with a copy of written proof of neuter/spay from a Veterinarian. _________

Buyer will do their best to show the Great Dane at least once per month. Buyer understands that if they can not show the Great Dane for circumstances beyond their control they must notify Breeder immediately to discuss a possible alterative plan. Buyer understands the Great Dane must receive proper socialization and attend Conformation classes or hire a Professional handler to work with the Great Dane. Buyer understands that the Breeder can and will help handle the Great Dane. Buyer understands that they are responsible for all entry fees and any and all Professional handling fees._____________

The Buyer agrees not to breed the above Great Dane until all of the health tests are complete and have been passed. The minimum health screenings are OFA Hips and Thyroid. Buyer understands that the Breeder must approve of the Stud dog before the breeding can take place. The stud dog must also have all of the minimum health screenings required OFA Hips and Thyroid. The Stud fees, all breeding related expenses to include health screenings and whelping costs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. If the Great Dane has not been shown for whatever reasons, Buyer may not breed the dog/bitch unless prior written approval has been made by the Breeder. _______


I/We ___________________________________________________________________ the New Owner/s of the above Great Dane understand that I/we am/are purchasing a companion Great Dane that will be sold on American Kennel Club limited registration according to the AKC guidelines. Buyer understands that the above Great Dane may never be breed and must be Spayed/Neutered. Males by 15 months but not prior to 12 months of age. Females by 12 months but not prior to 9 months of age. Buyer understands that the Breeder MUST be given written proof by a Veterinarian that the Great Dane has been Spayed/Neutered. **If at anytime “before” the Great Dane is to be Spayed/Neutered and Buyer would like to show the Great Dane. Buyer must notify the Breeder immediately. At that time Breeder will evaluate the Great Dane and make a decision if the Great Dane is worthy to be shown. Breeder has the final say if the Great Dane may be shown or not.

Buyer__________________________________________DATE___________________ Witness________________________________________Date___________________

1)The Buyer agrees to provide the Great Dane with a clean, safe and loving home with adequate and proper shelter._______

2)The Great Dane will always have clean water, be fed a good quality food (not more than 25% protein), never to be fed any type of puppy food, raise the food and water bowls. _______

3)The Great Dane will never be allowed to roam free at anytime in a public place and will not be restrained by chaining to a tree or to any stationary object._________

4)The Great Dane will receive all of the proper and necessary Veterinary care throughout the Great Danes life time.________

5)At no time will the Great Dane be allowed to ride outside of a travel crate, while in or on the bed of a pick up truck or any open vehicle.________

6)The Great Dane will never be permanently housed outside/outdoors._______________

7)The Great Dane will be crated or confined when Buyers are not present in the home. This is for the safety of the puppy.____________

8)Buyer agrees to the name provided by the Breeder. Buyer agrees that Breeder will mail the AKC registration papers unless the Great Dane is being shipped.__________

9)Buyer agrees to keep in contact with the Breeder throughout the lifetime of the Great Dane. Buyer agrees to notify and send copies to the Breeder of any titles earned by the Great Dane. Buyer agrees to update the Breeder with pictures of the puppy a minimum of 2 times per year. Buyer agrees to notify Breeder of ANY health problems the Great Dane may have throughout his/her lifetime______________

10)Buyer agrees to notify Breeder in writing and or phone of any and all address, home phone number, cell phone or email changes. _________

11)Buyer understands that the above puppy must never be mistreated in any way and must always be treated like a member of the family._______

12)Buyer understands that in the event of a divorce the Breeder has the final say on which owner the Great Dane will live the remainder of his/her life with. In the event of the owner/s death. The above Great Dane must be returned to the Breeder._________

13)Buyer agrees for any reason throughout the Great Danes lifetime if they are not able to care for the Great Dane physically or financially as outlined in this contract, buyer shall, at buyer’s expense, return the Great Dane with all the signed AKC registration paperwork to the Breeder. Buyer understands that all of the AKC documents shall be signed transferring sole ownership to the Breeder. No refund will be granted to the Buyer. Buyer understands that the Great Dane will never be sold to a third party without prior written approval to the Breeder. If the puppy is to be sold the Breeder must agree on placement of the Great Dane before he/she can be sold. If the Breeder doesn’t approve of the new home the Buyer at their expense will return the Great Dane in the same manner as stated above.________

14)Buyer understands that if ANY of the above conditions in this contract are not observed correctly the Buyer will at Buyer expense will return the above Great Dane to the Breeder and sign all of the necessary AKC paper work to transfer sole ownership back to the Breeder._____________

Buyer understands that this is a legal and binding contract._______________