Ace's Show Record
~Show Record~
Colras An Ace In The Hole v PASK

1st Puppy match in Las Vegas
9-21-02 Class winner
10-6-02 BOB Puppy and Group 2

(International Show)Anahiem, CA
***Now it's National Puppy CH Colras An Ace In The Hole v PASK***
12-7-02 SG-1 rating class winner
12-7-02 SG-1 rating class winner and BOB BBE
12-8-02 SG-1 rating class winner
(SG-1 is the highest rating a puppy can receive)

(Long Beach,CA)
12-13-02 Class winner BBE
12-14-02 Class winner 6-9
12-15-02 Class winner 6-9

(National Canine Association Las Vegas,NV)
1-11-02 RWD
1-12-02 RWD

(Great Dane Club of Arizona Specialty Show)
2-8-02 Sweeps 2nd in class of 6
2-9-02 2nd in class of 4 BBE Ace was the only puppy in the class

(Silver State KC Las Vegas, NV)
Handler Peggy Smith-Kenny)
04-05-03 class winner

(Rio Grande KC Albuquerque, New Mexico)
5-10-03 Class winner BBE
5-11-03 Class winner BBE
5-12-03 RWD BBE(owner handled)


(Valencia KC, Los Lunas New Mexico)
10-11-03 RWD BBE
10-12-03 Class winner BBE

(Coyote cluster,Tucson,AZ)
11-14-03 Class winner
11-15-03 WD/BOW (4 point major)Got pulled out with the specials.
11-16-03 Class winner
11-17-03 RWD (4 point major)
11-18-03 Class winner

(Sahauro KC Goodyear,AZ)
11-22-03 WD/BOW (4 point major) Got pulled out with the Specials.
11-23-03 Class winner

(Burbank KC Ventura, CA)
12-14-03 WD/BOW (2 points)

(Great Dane Club of Tucson Specialty Show)
1-10-03 Class winner
1-11-03Class winner

(Orange Empire KC)
1-24-04 2nd in class
1-25-04 WD/BOW 4 point major

(Great Dane Club of Arizona Specialty Show)
2-7-04 class winner
2-8-04 class winner

(Superstition KC Scottsdale, AZ)
2-28-04- class winner
2-29-04 WD 4 point major to finish!!!!!!!!

(International shows Las Vegas, NV) Show #1
BOB, Group 2, BOB-BBEX, group 1, Reserve BIS BBEX
Show #2
BOB, Group 2,BOB-BBEX,Group 1,Reseve BIS BBEX
Show #3
Show #4
BOB,Group 2,BOB-BBEX, Group 1, BIS BBEX

(Great Dane club of Las Vegas, Las Vegas,NV) 4-02-04
Silver State KC Las Vegas,NV