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My name is Alzora Zaremba. Some of you visiting this  site may already know my work or may have attended one of my seminars. This site is being made available to promote my instructional DVD's for roses and for grapes and to offer some of my work for sale.   I also have many studies for sale for a wide range of subjects. These are listed below.  The cost of the study packets is $17.50 and includes color prints of the subject, ink drawings, and instructions. The DVD's cost $55.00.  Shipping and handling will be added when order is placed.  If you would like to order these items or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me and I will get back to you promptly. I do have an order form available but because of all of the different formats offered by computers, it is only available through the regular mail. If you would like an order form, e-mail me  and include your address and I will get one to you.  NOTE: I have a limited number of Rose and Grape VHS tapes available so if you are not ready to switch to DVD, please order while supply lasts!!! ATTENTION: The pieces listed on the porcelain page may not be available so please e-mail for an update!


  Available studies

Budgerigars Berries Chrysanthemums Conures     Fruit Still Life Goldfish Grapes Iris
Koi Lilacs Lilies Morning Glories   Mountain Ash Nasturtiums Orchids Oregon Grape
Pansies Peony Poppies Roses   Snowballs Violets Water Lilies Wisteria

Additional Contact Information:   

Alzora Zaremba
PO Box 323
White Salmon, WA  98672
Phone: 509-493-3334
E-mail: (NOT for PayPal) 

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