This spell is to be used when you feel
you need guidance in your life
as to where your life should be going.

Be warned, Divinity WILL show you the truth.

Be sure you are ready to deal
with what that the truth may be.
This is a serious spell with serious results!

Time to Cast:
New Moon

One White candle

Cast a circle,
light the white candle
relax and focus.
When you are ready,
say this charm:

"Great Hecate,
Goddess of Pathways and Decisions,
I hail to thee this
night of the New Moon.

Protectress of travelers
and bestower of Truth,
Show unto me the path
I need to take.

Show me where my potential lies.
Allow my destiny to
come into sight before me."

Sit and Meditate for a few minutes
and allow the candle
to burn itself out.

You will know the signs of
your path when you see them.

From: SilverToad

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