Goddess of the crossroads Goddess of
Manic-Depression Dweller in the
deep places of the earth and mind,
Traveler in the land between worlds!

Torch-bearer! Protectress of the very
old and very young:
Protectress of those used and abused;
Healer of those who are torn apart;
She will be there for us when
we call on her and at the end.

Grandmother to lost children
and the downtrodden.
Nurse to the suckling infant,
Comfort to the lone man
or woman in the darkest night.

She who seeks vengance
for her children who are wronged!

Wanderer and prowler!
Sorceress who lives at the edge of the mind.

Drawer-up of the secret compost
from the unused internal well.
She who has no relatives
on the earth save for her children.
Without Mother or Sister.

Lady on the brink,
both bi-polar and uni-polar!
They call her mad,
and it is she who terrifies
the disbeliever and the unworthy!

Bringer of nightmares!
But she is it who soothes
the sleepless and disheveled spirit.

Mother of night! Dark Power of the moon!
Keeper of the shadow! Walker
of the endless highways!
She unites those who follow
her as her children; the Hekite.

Bearer of the sacred poppy.
Shape-shifter. Transformer.
Keeper of the hounds of Hell
and the three headed dog Cerebus!

She walks abroad in the hour of the wolf
and under the Dark Moon!

Hear my call O Lady
and cover us with your starry cloak.
Let the unborn moon seed
in my heart this night.
And let her growing light
shine upon our intention;
That she be at our full deliverance,

So Mote it Be!

Written By: Reverend High Priest Hawk Brown
Copyright 1997

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