"Most lovely one"; "the Distant One";
Thracian goddess of the Moon, the
dark hours and the Underworld; The
Crone; Queen of the world of spirits;
goddess of witchcraft; snake goddess;
Great Mother; Great Goddess of
Nature; Lady of the Wild Hunt. Daughter
of Tartaros and Night, two
Titans; other versions says of Perses
and Asteria, or of Zeus and Hera.

Another goddess of the Amazons, her
chariot was pulled by dragons.
She could change forms
or ages and rejuvenate or kill.
She was the third Moon aspect as the Hag
(Dark Moon) or the Crone (revered as the carrier of Wisdom).
An ally of Zeus;
accompanied by a pack of hounds.

Her symbols were a key and the cauldron.
The women who worshipped her stained
their palms and soles with henna.
Her festivals were held at night by torchlight.
Every year on the island of Aegina
in the Saronic Gulf,
a mysterious festival was held in her honor.
A huntress goddess who knew her way
in the realm of spirits;
all secret powers of Nature at her command;
control over birth and death.

She was patroness of priestesses;
goddess of witches, the waning Moon,
dark magick, prophecy, charms and spells,
vengenance, averting evil, enchantments,
riches, victory, wisdom, transformation,
reincarnation, incantations, dogs, purification,
prosperity, victory, wealth, magickal charms,
destructive storms, revenge,
change, renewal, and regeneration.

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