Poetry By Willow Dancer


An encounter on a moonlit trail
a twisted crone her stature frail
time aged skin now ghostly pail
mysterious eyes behind the veil.

She spoke as tho I'd understand
that long ago this journey planned
to a path of runes upon the sand
we stepped upon it hand in hand.

On a spider web of tattered lace
we spiraled at a quickened pace
no longer bound by time or space
in an instant to a distant place.

Bonfire smoke filled thick the air
from center of the village square
"your devils pact you must declare
now if you pray your life we'd spare".

A maiden not yet fourteen years
knelt beneath the prods and jeers
ashen cheeks stained bitter tears
the threat of death rang in her ears.

"For unholy powers ye posses
you must repent, you must confess
a merciful end to your distress
I ask nothing more take nothing less".

She shuddered once a sudden quake
she wouldn't budge, she wouldn't break
her life she vowed they'd have to take
as they led her to the kindled stake.

Above the flames, beyond the cries
in an instant that I recognized
I'd seen that face, I knew those eyes
a witness to my own demise.

Finally I could understand
that long ago this journey planned
back to the path upon the sand
we stepped upon it hand in hand.

Copyright 2007 Willow Dancer

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