Poetry By Willow Dancer

"A Witches Way"

Gather your sisters and brothers
and all of your magickal kin,
the witches season is drawing near
it's time that we begin.

Bring the mirrors and crystal balls
all tools for third eye sight,
bring jet black bowls and pendulums,
for scrying by candlelight.

Call ancestors from shrouded tombs
with sweet offerings you leave,
bid spirits to once more walk the earth
on a most sacred all hallows eve.

With the moon now at her highest
ye good witches take to flight,
we honor those that left us once
but return on samhain night.

We'll share apple tarts and cider
then spin yarns and urban lies,
circled close around the campfire
until the raven cries.

We'll join together with a festive flair
wearing paint and masks of clay,
but ever aware of the turning wheel
for this is a witches way!

Willow Dancer
10 - 4 - 03

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