Poetry By Willow Dancer

"A Witches Tale"

Come and sit beside me child
and a story I will tell
about a witch so long ago
and how she cast her spell.

She gathered up her powders
herbs and incense too
she waited till the moon came out
and then a circle drew.

She lit four colored candles
there sitting on the ground
then walked into the center
all without a sound.

Raised her arms up to the sky
her voice both soft and fair
calling to her helpers
earth, fire, water, air.

Then she asked the goddess
to join her in her quest
guided by the lady
she could do the rest.

She sat before her altar
and mixed her magick wares
tied them in a bundle
and blessed it with her prayers.

Then bid them all a fond farewell
with thanks she watched them go,
thats how we witches do it
in case you want to know.

Willow Dancer

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