Poetry By Willow Dancer

"A Witches Myth"

Sealing wax and toads and bats
cone shaped hats, enchanted cats
bubbling cauldrons, a crooked nose
high top shoes with pointy toes.

A flying broom and straw for hair
squeeky doors and rocking chairs
steaming potions, frightful smells
flowing capes and chiming bells.

Worts and wrinkles, raven wings
stark white hands with silver rings
herbs and candles, sticks and stones
cold damp air that chills the bones.

Cackling laughter, words in rhyme
clocks on mantles lost to time
big black mirrors and spells of will
parchments rolled and feather quills.

Trinkets, baubles, and colored bags
maidens, mothers, hunch backed hags
crystal orbs and cups of tea
A witches myth, Or could it be?

Willow Dancer
10 - 28 - 02

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