Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Witches Ball"

See tattered signs on a shabby wall
inviting come ye one, come ye all
it's the must attend event of fall
come join us at the witches ball.

All Hallows Eve, a grand parade
that's followed by the masquerade
drums and tamborines are played
haunting tunes that serenade.

The revelers come from all around
from village, glen, and tiny towns
costumed in their magick gowns
I fear but one will win the crown.

Bards and jugglers up on stage
preforming acts thats all the rage
fortune tellers guessing age
crones and wizards wise and sage

There's dancing, singing, toasting brew
we'll celebrate the year anew
till midnight takes on mornings hue
and we must bid thee all adieu.

Until next time , until next fall
we'll see you at the witches ball
the grandest party you'll recall
so come ye one and come ye all!

Willow Dancer
10 - 16- 03

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