Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Daddys Valley Witch"

I have a piercing in my nose
got silver rings upon my toes
flowered ribbons on my head
hair looks like an unmade bed.

Make up pales Egypts queen
purple nails with satin sheen
all my clothes are midnight black
and fit me like a burlap sack.

Momma crys my rooms a mess
daddy yells to change my dress!
Spend his plastic till he's broke
and don't freak out ..it's incense smoke.

My pentacle is big and proud
so I can stand out in the crowd
they will see me there's no doubt
no closet witch, I'm bustin out!

I'll be the coolest one around
another move, another town
they think I'll change, But I think not
you go girl ... flaunt what you got!

They've got a prob with all my glitz
It puts my mom in tearful fits
I'm karma for their 60's ways
"whats gotten into kids these days"?

Willow Dancer

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