Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Something More"

Myth and legend, ancient lore
bardic song and nothing more?
Dancing ladies three and ten
weave to and fro and back again.

Pagan queens from bygone times
fables or just nursery rhymes?
Hooded robes in gleaming white
circle 'round the campfire light.

Fairy tales or poetic prose
cauldrons and enchanted crows?
Yarns and lies, or children's dreams
there's more that, or so it seems.

Old stories told in whispered breath
of charms and brews and certain death.
Magick women and strange their ways
in secret meets their power lays.

Vast dusty scripts sit open wide
and bid you venture deep inside
into a world of ancient lore
myth and legend, something more?

Willow Dancer
06 - 15 - 04

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