Poetry By Willow Dancer

"The Seer"

Your silver glow is saying
you're a lady of ancient ways,
power from your finger tips,
your spirit knows no age.

Misty water standing still,
with secrets lost in time
and answers to the questions
you ask of them in rhyme.

The galaxy must guide your way
and shine a brilliant light,
a chosen one and goddess blessed,
gifted with this sight.

The ancients speak within your mind,
so you might pass along
the wisdoms of a culture lost,
sung in a chanted song.

So long ago and far away
the keepers held the key
to live as one with mother earth
and how it all should be.

She laid her hand on you at birth
and whispered to the wind,
she'll speak my name and honor me
and live my ways again.

Willow Dancer
10 - 28 - 02

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