Poetry By Willow Dancer


Sultry embers were all that remained
as he sat near his fire on the shore,
the unspoken words clouded his mind
empty arms ached to hold her once more.

With a kindling twig he lit his long pipe
spread a pelt and he laid on the ground,
attending his senses for her angelic song
the palms moved without making a sound.

Magic he mused must dwell in this realm
a flaming star shooting by high above,
these are the moments that surely endure
inspiring sweet dreams and sonnets of love.

The aroma of jasmine she wore in her hair
her gentle laughter and soft velvet touch,
he wondered if Sarah was watching him now
if she knows that he needs her so much.

Slumber surrounds him and whisks him away
he takes her hand as he steps to her side,
reclaiming his heart, his spirit and fate
from the depths of the seas churning tide.

Willow Dancer
07 - 22 - 04

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