Poetry By Willow Dancer


Would you raise your chalice in a toast to the one
that resides in the moon, the tides and the sun?
Would you plant your hopes in her rich fertile earth
and rejoice in wonder at the time of their birth?

Would you offer your prayers and dreams to the wind
then listen contently to the answers she sends?
Would you warm yourself with the heat of her flame
renewed in the spirit you invoke her by name.

Would you quench your thirst with soft summer dew
and honor the goddess that dwells inside you?
Would you sit high on a hilltop and gaze with delight
at celestial prisms and orbs in the night?

Would you walked with me on this path that I take
and dedicate yourself to the choice that you make?
Will you lift your blade in a salute to the one
that resides in the moon, the earth, and the sun!

Willow Dancer
10 - 4 - 03

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