Poetry By Willow Dancer


Cast your hopes upon the water
lift your voice up to the sky
dare to be a dreamer
and spread your wings and fly.

The heart holds all the answers
your soul shows you the way
the night belongs to magick
let sunshine rule the day.

Sing your songs of harmony
but dance to your own beat
anklets chiming merrily
each time you move your feet.

Eyes as bright as diamonds
sure sign of eager youth
walk the low and high ways
on your journey for the truth.

Seek out one fine master
I'm sure that you'll agree
the keeper of the secrets
the one that holds the key.

He'll point out your direction
and chart for you a way
he'll teach you of the wonders
and lead you as you pray.

A scholar and a wise man
a healer and a sage
always there to guide you
each time you turn a page...

Remember well his teachings
he shared all that he knew
live your days full measure
there's nothing you can't do.

Willow Dancer

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