Poetry By Willow Dancer


No logic, rhyme or reason
for the things they think I'd do,
I really don't turn men to frogs
I wouldn't have a clue!

I've never summoned demons
or turned someone to stone,
nor ever raised a single storm
or sun bleached chicken bones!

And not a day or full moon night
has seen me fly with ease,
poisons never been my style
to bring them to their knees.

You say we do most frightful things
that not a woman should,
why would I curse a living soul
just because I could?

Maybe you should read a book
the truth you've never heard,
or maybe speak to one that knows
and listen to her words.

Your thoughts are a maze of silly things
and not a single one is true,
I've never really fancied frogs
tho I just might start with you!

Willow Dancer
10 - 28 - 02

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