Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Chasing Rainbows"

I sat high upon the hill of green
watching ivory clouds drift by,
lost in dreams of fantasy
when her flutter caught my eye.

I turned my gaze and looked real close
when much to my surprise,
she crept up on a toad stool
silver tears fell from her eyes.

"Oh little one, what makes you weep?
It can't be all that wrong.
She looked at me and murmured
"but the magick, it's all gone!"

"No one believes in fairy tales
or in happily ever more,
they never chase their rainbows
like they use to do before!"

"The pot 'o gold is waiting there,
beyond the colors fade,
nestled in a gilded crock
hidden in the willows shade."

"But look at me my tiny sprite
I'm not like that" says I...
"I'm on the Cliffs of Dover
to watch the dragons fly"

She wiped her eyes and giggled
and clapped her hands with glee
her tears turned into silver coins
and she handed them to me.

She flew up on my shoulder
and whispered in my ear
"always be that dreamer,
and keep your magick near!"

Willow Dancer 07/20/05
Copyright 2006

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