Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Magick Potions"

In my cauldron bubbling there
an enchanted blend if you dare,
old cedar logs burn nice and hot
a broomstick handle stirs the pot.

To dragon blood that's ruby red
add nine lengths of silken thread
one fat lizard, one small stone
a pinch of salt, a possum bone.

A toadstool and an old black boot
then crumble in a mandrake root,
a dram of oil, a flask of wine
mint leaf and the snout of swine.

One tiny portion cooled to warm
be offered up to raise a storm,
or capped in vials of cobalt blue
your enemies and foes subdue.

But if you'd be the sweeter sort
this potion used as last resort,
if in your heart the cause is just
add a dash of sugar if you must!

Willow Dancer
05/15/07 Copyright 2007 Willow Dancer

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