Poetry By Willow Dancer


Climb aboard my sailing boat an adventure lies in wait
a ship of fools on stormy seas are bound to meet their fate.
Hear them sing their tawdry songs, with voices loud and clear
they raise the skull and cross bones to show they have no fear.

Pirates on a quest for gold their greed leads them astray
they take the treasures where they can and bury them away.
Scalawags and scoundrels, drinking rum right from the keg
plots against the captain with his patch and wooden peg.

A mutiny is the game they plan to make him walk the plank
we'll feed him to the briny deep or the gators on the bank.
Then set a course to open seas the ocean we will rule
and come ashore with ready blades, their best will fall in duel.

From coast to coast they sailed along with terror as their shield
no regard for rights or life, the swords they'd quickly wield.
Late that fateful morning, a shrouded ghost ship left it's cave
just one shot from it's cannon sent them to their watery grave.

Willow Dancer
12 - 23 - 02

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