Poetry By Willow Dancer


Innocence lost through no fault of her own
at the hands of the underworld king.
Gone were the flowers and brilliant sun
and the songs that the morning birds sing.

The lord of the dark took her his queen
and struck grief in her mothers mind.
A blight on the earth and famine shall be
to put an end to all of mankind.

To all things there must be a balance
they demanded he must set her free
all food of the dead she'd resisted
she swallowed but one single seed.

His deception done, she will return
she was doomed to repeat her fate
one third of her days as Hades wife
his reluctant but beautiful mate.

She comes to us as the maiden
her return calls forth the sweet spring
a playful goddess of youth and hope
promise of new life she brings.

Willow Dancer
12 - 31 - 02

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