A Prayer For Global Peace

Oh Great Goddess, My Lady ......
I come to you with a heavy heart.
I fear today, that there shall be no peace.
I fear that all hope is lost for the oppressed.
I fear that mortal man, will press forward
in an attempt to control, that which is uncontrollable.
To bring destruction to all that is beautiful.
To bring chaos when there should be order.
Taking upon himself things better left to your divine wisdom......

I ask you, Great Mother, Bringer of life,
Guardian of mysteries, All knowing and loving,
to whisper words of diplomacy and discretion
into the ear of those that hold our future.
Guide them onto the path of faith and trust.
Show them the wonders of a peaceful world,
and how all mankind can live together in harmony.
I pray that all nations unite in a sacred circle of one,
I no longer fear, for I am confident that
you have heard my plea......

In Goddess Name, Blessed Be!

Willow Dancer

Copyright 2003 Willow Dancer


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