Poetry By Willow Dancer


I think my ways offended some
they nearly always do
take me into any crowd
and I'll repel more than a few.

I honor a God and Goddess
it's unpopular but true
a duality of the universe
the sum is always two.

If black is black and white is white
then I'm a shade of gray
I hold my head up proudly
and defend my pagan way.

The essence of the moral
is to love your fellow man
taking sides and drawing lines
just wasn't in the plan.

If you kneel in a hall of marble
or beneath an old oak tree
the beauty of true spirit
is to be all you can be.

The divine can hear you praying
caring not the name you call
will judge you on your merit
and decide if you stand or fall.

Willow Dancer
06 - 11 - 07

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