Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Night River"

I am as you see me and I always shall be
my beauty is ageless, I'm wild and I'm free.
I've traveled my course across eons of time
romantic and deadly, my mystery sublime.

I've tasted her tears under full moon skies
walking my banks as the banshee cries.
Weeping lady clutching death by the hand
and guiding her souls to the summerlands.

Ask me no secrets and I'll tell you no lies
fates of the many, the courage of the wise.
As cold and inviting as a watery tomb,
or the solace warmth of a mothers womb.

I honor no boundaries, I flow where I will
rushing and raging my fate to fulfill.
I am as you see me and I always shall be
unbridled and mighty as I rush to the sea.

Willow Dancer
09 - 18 - 03

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