Poetry By Willow Dancer


There are no witches on the moon
I know that this is true
but who can tell just where they are
one might live right by you.

She just might be a soldier
and maybe then again
she could be your kids teacher
she might be your best friend.

Or how about your doctor
or that guy down at the store
she could be someones lawyer
or the girl that lives next door.

Witches do alot of things
besides consult the cards
most the time you'd never know
but it isn't all that hard.

Her recycle bin is bulging
she has a million pets
she tends her life with love and grace
and seldom has regrets.

You'd never know by looking
if she didn't give you a clue
or catch her talking to the moon
one might live right by you!

Willow Dancer

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