Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Where The Magick Lays"

Purple velvet drapes the sky as dawn begins to break
cotton candy clouds float by leaving streamers in their wake.
The horizon lights reflect a glow of colors in golden hue
that softly fade as morning stirs and sunlight kisses dew.

Emerald carpets of clover cover hills so lush and green
fields of flowers and apple groves so peaceful and serene.
Bushes full of berries in clusters bound to burst
wine flows from the waterfalls to quench a travelers thirst.

A mystical realm lays just ahead its right beyond a ridge
follow the gnomes into a land across my rainbow bridge.
Suspended by ropes of silver, high above a crystal pond
mermaids bask on gumdrops and sing a haunting song.

Unicorns graze with gryphon, red dragons guard the gate
behind a maze of majestic woods, the elves and fairies wait.
Their waiting for the mistress, that's where the magick lies
where all the things you've ever thought are right before your eyes.

A single wave of gemstone wand and all your hopes come true
there's not a task beneath her, there's nothing she can't do.
She'll turn your sand to diamonds, every oyster holds a pearl
dream your dreams in slumber and slip into her world.

Willow Dancer

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