Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Look At Me"

Look at me, no not just in a glance
the lines that trace my footsteps
weren't left there quite by chance.

Look at me, yes gaze into my eyes
they reflect scenes from a lifetime
both the low times and the highs.

Look at me, and just what do you see
lost dreams or silent musings
empowered spirit soaring free?

Look at me, no maybe you should hear
about the rites of passage
mantled through the years.

Look at me, the lines upon my face
were left by joy and sorrow
each one in it's own place.

Look at me, blue eyes begin to fade
reflections are the memories
of the choices that I've made.

Look at me, my soul but a looking glass
or a portrait of another self
life lived in days long past.

Willow Dancer
07 - 26 - 03

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