Poetry By Willow Dancer

"I Shall Live On"

Lightning bolts shed fiery light
for miles and miles around,
the smell of hate
the taste of fear
hoof beats on the ground.

The cold wind roars a song of doom
as I listen to it's tune,
my blood runs cold
my heart beats fast
I know they'll be here soon!

Thunder claps a deafning sound
as if it tries to say,
beware my friend
their coming
they'll be taking you away.

No time to run and hide myself
so to my knees I'll go,
a simple prayer
I ask of her
For surley she must know.

Take me in your loving arms
and shield me from the pain,
I see them now
and feel the cord
soon gently comes the rain.

The summerlands before my eyes
my burdens now are gone,
peace and joy
love and light
my spirit shall live on!

Willow Dancer
10 - 26 - 02

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