Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Jade LaCree"

Way down south on the bayou
in a shack by a cypress tree
lives a dark haired witchy woman
and they call her Jade LaCree.

Her daddy was a gamblin' frenchman
and her mama was a runaway slave
but hard times on that river
drove 'em both to an early grave.

Still she grew up to be a beauty
caramel skin and eyes of green
tight curls tied up in ribbons
a womans body strong and lean.

Gran Marie did all the teachin'
and showed her how things go
taught her herbs and conjure
things every cajun girl should know.

She learned about the seasons
and about the moon and tides
she learned to listen to the wind
and all about her spirit guides.

She can cure you, she can hex you
shift shape and not be seen
she can enchant you or bewitch you
she's mama Jade the voodoo queen.

Willow Dancer
04 - 01 - 03

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