Poetry By Willow Dancer


On vellum sheets with feather quill
Gaelic teachings scribed at will,
In blood red ink of bats demise
ancient tome before your eyes.

Abracadabra, words of power,
spoken in the witching hour.
incantations, magick spell,
rap three times ... ring a bell.

A sacred circle you'll aquire,
censed with purpose and desire,
book and candle, cauldron, broom
powdered herbs and oils fume.

Light a candle, gazing flame
call to spirits secret name,
draw down power, raise a blade,
cast your rune, the pact is made.

Cords of black should be the lot
witches breath on each new knot,
tie one by one with visioned need
six and three the numbers heed.

When for you the magicks done
release the knots as they begun,
speak in whispers, magick spell,
rap three times ... ring a bell.

Willow Dancer
10 - 08 - 03

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