Poetry By Willow Dancer

"All In A Day"

A witches work is never done,
with all she has to do
there's frogs to catch and charms to craft,
and potions she must brew!

Enchanted apples in her bag,
and spells she needs to write
dusk to dawn she chants her rhymes
and there's candles she should light.

So much to do so little time,
no wonder she's so worn
doing all the magick
for which she knows she's born.

She looks to be a thousand years,
with wrinkles and gray hair
I'd bite my tongue before I spoke,
or choose my words with care.

The hours tick by and on she goes,
one task and then one more
she takes a sip, a bite of bread,
shoo's the dogs out of the door.

Her hearth needs logs, her pot a stir,
her robes she needs to mend
the cats need food, and herbs to hang,
and gardens she must tend.

Day in day out there's more to do,
the list grows ever long
but she takes it all in stride
and hums a cheerful song.

A witches work is never done,
but she'll give it all her best
then sit a spell and drink her tea,
and have a moments rest.

Willow Dancer
11 - 23 - 02

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