Poetry By Willow Dancer

"I Think I'll Be A Witch"

I think I'll be a witch this year
much like every year gone by,
I'll call upon my trusty broom
and together we will fly.

To the field still ripe with pumpkins
a hay man proud and tall,
as a symbol of the season
he stands guardian over fall.

We'll soar above the rooftops
as nights heart starts it's beat,
and children clad in make believe
spill out into the street.

To a circle in the darkest woods
where our sacred oath is set,
I'll fly against the harvest moon
leaving just my silhouette.

Yes, I think I'll be a witch this year
just like I've always ever been,
no pointy hat or makeup
just the one that dwells within.

Copyright 2004 Willow Dancer

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