Poetry By Willow Dancer

"I Am...."

I am but a believer,
prone to great debate.
I am but a dreamer,
ruled not by chance or fate.

I am but a dancer,
to another drummers beat.
I am but a priestess,
grounding earth beneath my feet.

I am but a woman,
an enchantress if you please.
I am but a spirit,
drifting gently on the breeze.

I am but a seeker,
of the truths and ancient lore.
I am but a moon child,
ebbing tides upon the shore.

I am but a mortal,
without grandeur or fame.
I am but an ember,
in the presence of a flame.

I am but a traveler,
through the portal of vast time.
I am but a poet,
scribing wanderings in rhyme.

Willow Dancer

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