Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Witches Hill"

Somedays I wish that I were free
to roam just where I will
I'd take a walk along the path
that leads to witches hill.

I would take my merry time
and pause beside the stream
I'd pluck some berries from the vine
and sweeten them with cream.

I'd take a nap and rest awhile
then stretch and wipe my eyes
brush the dust off of my cloak
goddess how time flys.

I really must be moving on
the sky is turning gray
if I'm to get to witches hill
before the end of day.

So on I go, right to the top
to where the witches meet
embracing each familiar one
my sisters there I greet.

We'll spend some time together
then go our separate ways
back to the life so dreary
and wait for Sabbat days.

Watch the sky and bide our time
till full moon rolls around
when once again on witches hill
we meet on sacred ground.

Willow Dancer
12 - 22 - 02

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