Poetry By Willow Dancer


A daughter of titans and sister to kings
in your name dwells the essence of all things.
You're mild and gracious, a virgin queen
keeping the family peaceful, loyal and serene.

You're veiled and calm, discreet and so bright
brings olympian fire to light up the night.
Staying ever centered, imposing and wise
standing fast with no compromise.

Your place of honor among mortal man
a link to the gods since time first began.
Vowing to Zeus that you'll be no mans wife
Oh goddess of hearth and domestic life.

Your spirit invoked with each burning flame
every feast is begun in honor of your name.
Your blessings we ask with honey life wine
you rekindle our spirit, your force so devine.

Mother to daughter the torch is passed
in honor of marriage the ritual cast.
With the birth of a child he's circled 'round
the hearth is your altar and sacred ground.

Willow Dancer
12 - 30 - 02

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