Poetry By Willow Dancer


She walks beneath the darkest moon
three hounds are at her side
fear her not just call her name
you have no need to hide.

A single hand can calm the sea
or make the earth stand still
honor her for wisdoms sake
do her bidding if you will.

She illuminates unconscious minds
and inspires poetic prose
or fills your mind with nightmares
of suffering and woe.

Her loyal stain their soles and palms
with henna bright and red
faith in she that holds the key
to mysteries of the dead.

She walks to where the roads cross three
a torch her only light
her children leave their offerings
then walk into the night.

Threefold goddess of many names
her ancient power is known
a teacher and protectress
Hail Hecate the crone!

Willow Dancer
12 - 23 - 02

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