Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Have Ya?"

Have you ever had this kind of day
when everything goes wrong?
The melody so loud and clear,
but you can't recall the song!

Have you ever been in ritual
giggled or been plain rude?
Yes, I know it's funny
to see some people nude!

Have you ever cast a circle
to protect your sacred place
then look up to find your neighbors
horrified looks upon their face?

Have you ever lit a candle
placed it with the greatest care,
then bent to say a blessing
and singed off all your hair?

Have you ever lit your incense
and carried it all about,
then opened up the censer
to see that it went out!

Have you ever brewed a potion
you heard was all the rage
but as it begins to bubble,
you find your out of sage?

I think that I just had that day
it's gone from strong to weak,
the altar's full of water now
my cauldrons sprung a leak!!!!

Willow Dancer
08- 15 - 03

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