Poetry By Willow Dancer


We must begin without delay
to get it done all in a day
long before the hoot owl cries
before the moon is on the rise

A potion first so little time
a leaf of mint, a squeeze of lime
a drop of rain, a thorn of rose
or maybe add just two of those.

Six lemon leaves almost complete
add honey now to make it sweet
cork the bottle swirl the brew
come on child, we've much to do.

Up in the cupboard, figures red
bound as one with butchers thread
placed center on your altar slate
twilight nears, it's growing late.

Herbs and flowers don't forget
to scent the room but better yet
place a piece of oak to char
wafting fumes from near and far.

And crystal water from the spring
to fill a tub you now must bring
float cherry blossoms loves bouquet
by candle light to show your way.

A hundred strokes to shine your hair
and crimson robes for you to wear
not long ago my apprentice lass
now the woman in the looking glass.

The moon is full high in the sky
enchantment hour is drawing nigh
speak your heart to those above
with perfect trust and perfect love.

Willow Dancer

Copyright 2006-2007

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