Poetry By Willow Dancer


Your goblet brimmed full with red ruby wine,
pressed from the sweetest fruits of the vine.
To lull your senses on magickal flight,
rich with wonder and enchanted delight.

Play with the stars and dance with the moon,
float high and away in a rainbow balloon.
Gather the petals that blow on the breeze,
paint daydreams in sand that edges the seas.

Fly crepe paper kites tied with shimmering string,
find your way through the maze to the goblin king.
Pay pennies to pipers that play sweet celtic score,
seek answers to mysteries behind each new door.

That what is, may not be as it seems,
but dare to explore, and live what you dream.
Make it your own and wear it with pride
bring them to light, not shut deep inside.

Crystals and clovers and green tambourines,
poets and paupers and jesters and queens.
seekers and sages and mystics and kings.
Dragons and wizards and horses with wings,

Willow Dancer
04 - 18 - 04

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