Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Day Of The Dragon"

T'was the day of the dragon - twenty aught four
when the seas unleashed fury roared on to the shore,
rolling and crashing it's indiscriminate waves
commit wicked with righteous to watery graves.

It came with no warning in a ominous wake
mother earth trembled, shuttered and quaked,
death and destruction left deep in the path
on the day of the dragon, t'was proof of her wrath.

And a beast named Atlantic in one mighty swell
summoned her minion from the dark pits of hell,
raising her head, ancient wings now unfurled
left no heart unscathed in an egotistical world.

Township and village, no none were immune
in the wake of the dragons frightful monsoon,
terror consumed granting no path to flee
until the lady of chaos returned to the sea.

Willow Dancer 04/13/05
Copyright 2007

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