Poetry By Willow Dancer


She jingles and jangles and turns about
marking circles in the sand,
dripping with baubles and bangles
silver rings on both of her hands.

Her skirts a reflection of rainbows
with a scarf of velvety green,
twirling and flirting with passion
to the tune of her own tambourine.

A smile that most men would die for
dark eyes that sparkle delight,
she sets her sight on the bounty
that brings her to town every night.

Her haunting tunes drift like a spirit
and they gather to pay her their alms,
dripping with baubles and bangles
the pittance soon crosses her palms.

She picks up each piece of copper
in her very own sweet gypsy way,
surrendering her mind to the music
willing it to carry her far far away.

Willow Dancer

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