Poetry By Willow Dancer

"Coming Home"

I see the subtle movement
hear the flutter of your wings
don't shy away, I've come to play
and listen while you sing.

You really don't need to run or hide
I'm coming home I hope you know
show yourself my forest queen
let's dance upon the snow.

Come out, come out my little friend
I've come such a long, long way
I'll sit right here and you can tell
the legends of the fae.

Tell me where you come from
Emerald Isle across the sea
before I lost my innocence
we were sisters you and me.

But then somehow I lost my way
broke trust I vowed to keep
your voice comes to me calling
beckoning as I sleep.

So now I come to right my wrong
and set my path anew
don't shy away, I've come to play
and spend my days with you!

Willow Dancer

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