Poetry By Willow Dancer

"A City Witch Dreams"

She buys her herbs on the internet
that'll change some day, but not quite yet.
Her life in the city just don't seem right,
to much noise and neon lights.

She has nosey neighbors with to much time
there's toxic pollution and senseless crime.
Hustle and bustle, hurry and haste,
her zest for life seems such a waste.

She walks to work and saves her pay
and impatiently awaits the coming day.
To feel warm earth beneath bare feet,
at a country home where the air is sweet.

In her nighttime dreams she sees a place
with lands that thrive in goddess grace,
crystal clear rivers, the water flows
and it beckons to her as if it knows.

A modern day witch but still beguiled
head held high, she's natures child.
With the old traditions running deep,
she casts her will and drifts off to sleep.

Willow Dancer

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