Poetry By Willow Dancer


Morning peeks into my room
and I tumble from my bed,
dust the cobwebs from my mind
and hold my aching head.

Who you are I'd like to know
and why you come to me
every time I close my eyes
it's your face that I see.

Sometimes you're a lover
and sometimes you're a friend,
at times we laugh and talk about
the things we did back when.

But on the rare occasion
you're neither friend nor foe
the person looking back at me
is someone I don't know.

You taunt me with you're evil ways
and bid me come along
to join you in you're madness
and sing you're wicked song.

You're heart is black as midnight,
with blood as cold as stone
I chose the path that I will take,
and I will walk alone.

Every time you visit,
when darkness turns to dawn
you gather up the pieces,
you vanish and their gone.

I wake to see the sunlight,
you're memory fades away
She wipes away temptation
and gives me one more day.

Willow Dancer

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