Poetry By Willow Dancer


The kids are bouncing off the walls
the kitchen's in a mess,
hubby's on a fishing trip
I can't deal with all this stress.

The cat just barfed a hairball
bible thumpers ring the bell!
the baby needs a diaper
and I wonder what the hell?

The bills are due and moneys short
the phone rings all day long.
Junior and that damn guitar
keeps playing the some ol' song!

And Suzie just turned thirteen
she gave the goodwill all her toys
her new best friend's a cell phone
all her numbers are for boys.

I can feel my hair turn ashen gray
and my eyes begin to twitch
they've pushed me to the limit
It's no wonder I'm a bitch!

Yes, I'm a bitch I must confess
I've never been quite so glad
I believe that it's the reason
that I'm not stark raving mad!

Willow Dancer 10/21/05
Copyright 2007

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