Poetry By Willow Dancer


Within the bounds of sacred space
held tight in Goddess sweet embrace.
Secure to be my secret self
kept tucked away upon a shelf.

Lit only by soft candles glow
I show the face few dare to know.
This mundane mask I wear to hide
the pagan soul that dwells inside.

Unleash my spirit let her fly
to times ago so long gone by.
Soar far beyond the prying eyes
free for now from my disguise.

A phantom flight beyond the dawn
to the enchanted isle of Avalon.
The oath I spoke I'd return once more
to the crystal sands of her mystic shore.

Prayers to the lady of the triple moon
for my time here will be ending soon.
But now in priestess sweet embrace
find love and peace in sacred space.

Willow Dancer 03/12/06
Copyright 2007

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